Its not our business to track the latest security flaw. At the same time we simply cannot let our network go down.

We understand your business and network are unique. That’s why we work with you to determine your business needs. Whether your need help with a single project or you are looking to completely outsource your IT department, UNC can help.


Even If you already have an IT department, our services can free your current staff from on-going troubleshooting - allowing them to move into a more profitable role.


  • Maintenance Services:
    Maintain LAN/WAN
    Maintain routing config.
    Software and hardware       support
    Database administration
    Back-up data regularly
    Conduct performance tuning
    Establish proper configs.
    Analyze bottlenecks 
    Install and move equipment
    Check for viruses
    Manage security issues 
    Internet content filtering
    Monitor network off site**
    Troubleshoot by remote       access
    Priority emergency       response
    Order/install new and       replacement parts
    Systems integration
    Maintain Internet/intranet
    Manage E-commerce       system 
    Maintain website
    Connect voice and data       networks
    Provide “Help Desk”       services**
  • Network Consulting Services:
    Provide short and long term       technology planning 
    Development budget
    Develop technical site assessment
    Develop system design
    Space-plan new and retrofit       facilities


  • Network Management Services: 
    Establish knowledge of your IT       system
    Ensure system efficiency
    Analyze upgrades vs. new       purchase
    Author, maintain and upgrade       network schematics 
    Tag network equipment, cables,       computers
    Update routing configurations
    Manage warranty administration
    Overview of upgrade/capacity       planning
    Manage and install upgrades
** available only with prepaid retainer.


Maintenance Services

These services are usually applied on an ongoing basis, scheduled and performed on a weekly or monthly basis.


Network Consulting Services

Consulting services are usually done as projects on a one time basis. Excellent for expansion plans when you have a budget to maintain.


Network Management

Network management implies having a large enough network/computer system that requires technical expertise to extract performance and reliability. UNC will plan and implement solutions from beginning to end so you don't have to.


Prepaid Retainer

Most clients take advantage of a discounted Prepaid Retainer. This is the best and most economical way of guaranteeing reliable network operation. We schedule maintenance visits at regular intervals, usually weekly and apply our hours against your "bank”. When necessary, you can use hours for special projects or other situations that require additional help. By paying in advance you take advantage of our best pricing.


A benefit of purchasing a Prepaid Retainer allows businesses to take advantage of Remote Monitoring and "Help Desk" services.


Monitoring services enable us to track and alleviate potential network problems. Response time is quicker than on-site service. It is also a less expensive method of maintaining your network, as work is done by remote access. Monitoring is especially beneficial to businesses with remote offices in different locations.


You can also use hours to expedite minimal problems through our“Help-Desk.” Via the telephone, we walk you through procedures to get your system functioning as soon as possible.


Hourly Basis

Work Performed on an Hourly Basis is recommend for infrequent situations such as installing new equipment, help with a move, or technology training for staff.